Budgie (LWT drama series, 1971-2)

A number of television shows were affected by the 'Colour Strike' of 1970-1, in which ITV technicians refused to work with colour television equipment. One such was 'Budgie', the first four episodes of which were made in black and white.

Episode 1.01
Brief footage of a Bedford SB/Duple Vista:
Episode 2.01: Dreaming of Thee
Broadcast 21 April 1972; "Perennial loser Budgie Bird is nearing the end of his prison sentence, but what's he going to do when he gets out? At the start of the episode an Aldershot and District AEC Reliance can be seen.
Aldershot and District 582 (PHO582G) was a 1969 AEC Reliance with Marshall 45 seat body. It was transferred to Alder Valley on 1st January 1972.
"The destination display is a bit of a mystery showing 12 BARHURST via Selbourne and Liss Forest when the Aldershot and District 12 went from Aldershot to Reading." (Comments and screencaps by Ashley Hoare; bus information from Les Smith)

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