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A Gag - Don't Deprive Others More Worthy of Bus Seats (1944, British Pathe News)
A short film encouraging you to walk short distances rather than take the bus (it's wartime) features London Transport 'Scooter' single deck AEC Renown LT1061 (GO5167) on route 213 to Kingston.

Glyndebourne (1961, British Pathe News)
Concertgoers are seen arriving at Lewes Railway Station in Sussex, and travelling to Glyndebourne on centre-entrance Southdown coach 1458 (LCD858), a Leyland Tiger TS8 rebuilt as 856 by Beadle in 1952 from what was originally Southdown's 1436 (FCD 36):

Heat Wave Story (1949, British Pathe News)
Shot around the Serpentine and in Oxford Street in London. One scene has a barefoot bus driver wiping his brow at the wheel of London Transport STL878.

Holiday Traffic Jams (1968, British Pathe News) This stock footage includes several gems! RHMS KHP778E is a 1967 Park Royal Royalist bodied Albion Aberdonian VK43L, one of a pair:
It's followed by Eastern National 1610 (186XNO), a coach seated Bristol Lodekka FLF6G/Eastern Coachworks new in 1962:
Not far behind is Brunts LHX510C, a 1965 Harrington Legionnaire bodied Bedford VAL14:
BOF168C is a (Ford) Thames Trader 570E with Duple Trooper body new to Allenways of Birmingham:
No definite ID for this Bedford VAS/Duple, or a distant Plaxton, or a much nearer Bedford VAL14/Plaxton:
Another Bristol Lodekka FLF/Eastern Coachworks, this time bus seated, but I'd guess also from Eastern National:
Finally we see 199MT at speed, a 1961 (Ford) Thames Trader 570E with Burlingham body, new to Fox and Hart of Hounslow:

Home Front: Blitz reel 3 (1940, British Pathe News)
Footage of bomb-damaged London Transport Bluebird AEC Renown LT1231 (GW5893) which had been on a service to Becontree Heath. Another vehicle is parked behind - this may be LT200.

Home Front: Blitz reel 6 (1940, British Pathe News)
Footage from all angles of a smashed London Transport AEC Renown LT on service 88 nose down in a deep bomb crater - I believe this to be LT669 (GT5056) in Balham, 17 October 40 - two images exist of this in the Hulton Archive.

Ireland - Tradition on the Move (1965, British Pathe News)
Travelogue showing the Republic of Ireland as a holiday destination includes footage of a bus station (in Dublin) and two ladies on a coach tour. A Leyland Leopard/CIE in brown/cream passes the camera and a line of similar red with white roof Leopards/CIE. Seen in close up and pulling away is CIE C11 (EZH11), another Leyland Leopard/CIE.

Jack Tar Welcomes Ivan (1955, British Pathe News) Southdown 1022 (OUF122), a Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2/Beadle, brings Russian cadets from Portsmouth to Dartmouth Naval College. At one point in the clip three such coaches are seen in the background:

Jericho (1939, British Pathe News)
A brief clip as Bury Corporation 52 (EN6052) a Leyland Titanic TT3/English Electric passes the camera. Part of this was used in the clip 1031.03 "'Nasty Newsreel' with Lord Haw-Haw" dated 23 December 1939.

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